Monday, August 6, 2007


boring as usual. friday night went to jackson's java to see the band play before they leave for their mission trip this wednesday. it was really hard for me to be there and not be singing. and the girls tim has in my place can't hold a candle to me if i do say so myself! DH didn't get home until almost 1 then we stayed up talking. so it was a late night.

saturday i let him sleep in. i got up with monkey and we hung out. i always feel like i can't relax until the kitchen is clean so i cleaned it up while DH slept. we got ready and went to look at a new car. i don't want to sell mine but the payments are killing us. so we went to kia to look at a sedona. a lot like mine but cheaper payments. we told them we were NOT going to buy a car. i hate car salesmen. i know they are just doing their jobs but the pressure is unbelievable. but we left without getting one. then DH was on the phone with them all the rest of the afternoon trying to make a deal. i was so proud of him. he really stood his ground.

sunday was church. i love next level. i love the music and the preaching. i just wish i could meet some people. really only know the people from crossroad that are now going there. but still a great time. that harrison is an awesome worship leader.
then we came home put on the race and took naps. dinner then iron chef. i love that show.

boring. but big C and DH leave for their trip wednesday. please send up a prayer for them for safety. and one for me as i will be home with monkey for 5 straight days.!!!


imkay32 said...

from martha

Well, I've never heard you sing, but I can be sure that I back you up
any day girlie!! :) ha ha ha!!

A new car eh!? Awesome! I love the new car smell. Sooo good. But it's
not the same as the "new car smell" that's bottled, don't be fooled my
friends! Ha ha.

Whoa, 5 days with just monkey! Wow! That's gonna be fun! Whee!!!

Mel said...

i still think you need to check out carmax. supposedly they don't hide your keys. i still can't believe they did that. ithought that was just used car salesman folklore....

you and monkey having fun yet? im making egg salad sandwiches...come over and join me if you're bored.