Sunday, August 12, 2007


#69. i used to bite my nails. badly. until they would bleed. (another downfall of my parents divorce.) when i was in the 3rd grade i wanted a hamster soooo bad!! i convinced myself that if i quit bitting my nails, the easter bunny would bring me a hamster. and a habitrail! well guess what. i quit bitting my nails but that damn easter bunny never came through with the hamster.

#68. when i moved out i got my own hamsters. (actually they were gerbils.) priscilla who was an albino and stump who only had 3 legs. i loved those guys! and we would let them out and run around in the living room and the cats never bothered them. they they died. so i had a kid instead! :)


Mel said...

i remember your nails always being really really long. so long that you'd get in fingernail fights with me and claw me up.... :)

i remember the hamsters. especially icky, the one with two legs.

imkay32 said...

from martha

Ha ha... Awwww.. I almost went instantly online and ordered you a
hamster! ;)

Mel said...

ooooh! go do it martha! then the cat will have something else to play with at 5am besides kay's toes :)