Monday, January 28, 2008

we finally had a semi-normal weekend. we are still trying to get back to a regular schedule after the death of my father-in-law.

saturday we got to sleep in! it's so nice that monkey is getting old enough to get up and not have to wake the whole house right away! hubby had to eventually go and get equipment for a show we were to play saturday night. it was a party for a 16 year old. they really picked the wrong band to play music for them! but we had a great time. the sound was really good, and the kids were ok with it. i mean for that age group a middle aged Christian rock band was probably not the best choice. we got paid!!! that was awesome. and it would have been perfect if i had not knocked over my mic stand in the middle of a song. oh my gosh. i was so embarrassed but to make it worse as i was trying to remedy the situation, my microphone got caught in tim's mic and tried to pull his over too!! we were both laughing so hard. and he had a harmonica in his mouth. anyway it was fun. and i was home by 10:00.

sunday church then i came home and plopped my butt down on the couch to read a book. it was My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. i could not put it down. and i didn't. until the end and i was sobbing like a baby. read it. it's amazing.

big c went home with blake to skateboard and monkey kept himself busy building legos all day. he came up to me with a skeleton lego guy that was attached to some building he made. there was a lego plant on it. he took the guy and said he is allergic to sweet and kind so i'm going to put him in the sweet and kind bush and he will be fine then. i love it when he says stuff like that!! oh and speaking of legos, today is there 50th anniversary. this is what google did. cool huh?


Melek said...

allergic to sweet and kind? is that like sweet and lo? :)

glad things are finally getting back to normal for you guys.

Melissa said...

Wow, I didn't know you sang in a band. Can I be a groupie?

My Sister's Keeper was good and I remember bawling at the end, too.

Swishy said...

I am glad you had a good weekend. I loved My Sister's Keeper, too!

Betty said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend and got some rest.

Cecily R said...

I'm so glad things are getting back to normal for you guys!!

Congrats on your paid gig!! I would so love to hear you guys!!

Crockpot Lady said...

Kay, I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law.
Thank you so much for your sweet comments---they give me warm fuzzies.

Spammon said...

You read an entire book in one day? Good crap. I can't even manage a book in a year. Are you sure it wasnt the cliff notes?

kay said...

ha!! yes a whole book. actually i do it frequently. the perks to being a stay-at-home mom!

Susie said...

KAY! You are amazing! Christian rock star, you go to church, you are run ning, AND you donated blood. WOW. I want to be YOU when I grow up. Oh, and add speed reader to the list.
In the meantime, I'm with Melissa--can I be a groupie too?

Oh, and yes hold me accountable for running too--I would love to email you--I just can't find your email. Can you send me one?