Saturday, January 5, 2008

i came into the kitchen yesterday and this is what monkey had done with all the letters on the fridge. love it!! he is so creative!

today is big c's birthday party. i'm going to have 10 middle schoolers here. and 5 of them are spending the night!! pray for me!
pictures to come later


Manic Mom said...

Word to the wise--take a nap NOW!

Melissa said...

Oy, good luck with that. You are a brave mom!! Happy Birthday big c!!

CajunAussie said...

Hey girl...just lin ked to your blog from mel's...I am SO behind!!! Love it, I am stealing some of your reading as I have read quite a few of the same...clearly not as!!!! But now I have a few new recommendations...I'm on a Philippa Gregory kick now, but just started Capote's In cold Blood this am...have never read him....good so far. sad ya and boy are your boys big! and beautiful! Hope to catch up soon.

Betty said...

That is so neat what monkey did with the letters on your frig.

I don't envy you have all those kids over to spend the night. Yes, I think you do need the prayers of others, lol.

Have a good weekend, Kay.

Cecily R said...

I'm with Manic. CAtch up a little before hand.

Love the letter path and the rest of your fun fridge for that matter! How could he not be creative with all that around him for inspiration! I love it love it!!

Have fun at the party!

Swishy said...

You are brave! Good luck! :)

SuperCoolMom said...

Looks like he's an artist like his aunt! Have a fun party, I hope you'll have some down time to recover tomorrow!

Crazymamaof6 said...

whoohoo! so fun! love the astronaut magnet! very cool! can't wait to see the party pics! you are a brave mama!

Melek said...

he's such a smart boy :)

crystal said...

Yowza! Hope you survive the influx of hormones. The party will be fun, no doubt.

Spammon said...

This reminds me of one of those I Spy books. Let me give it a try:

The Star of David
2 spoons
A Snowman
A Cat
A Hat

kay said...

spammon that cracked me up! and it took me a while to find them all. we love i spy