Monday, December 31, 2007


when i started blogging in april i decided i would keep a log of all of the books that i read during the year. oh. my. gosh. i need to get a hobby. besides reading. are you ready? i read 111 books this year!!! and here they are! (up until april i tried to remember what i had read so far for the year. i may have missed a few!)

Magdalane by angela hunt
dead wrong ja jance
web of evil ja jance
the little princess frances burnett
the secret garden frances burnett
dark harbor stuart woods
high school undercover jeremy iverson
short straw stuart woods
the saint ted dekker
love comes softly janette oke
yada yada prayer group get's caught neta jackson
something borrowed emily giffin
something blue emily giffin
baby proof emily giffin
smothering wendy french
after the rice wendy french
a distant tomorrow betrice small
the kadin bertrice small
you'll never nanny in this town again
the right attitude to rain andrew mccall smith
wideacre philippa gregory
friends, lovers chocolate andrew mccall smith
The Sunday Philosophy Club andrew mccall smith
the boleyn inheritance philippa gregory
the other boleyn girl philippa gregory
the constant princess philippa gregory
the queen's fool philippa gregory
the wise woman philippa gregory
the devil wears prada
skye o'malley betrice small
a single shard linda sue parks
the talisman stephen king
caddie woodlawn carol ryrie brink
baby island carol ryrie brink

oh and of course i'm not including all the books that i read to monkey or Bible reading... :)

i finished Vanity Fair. if you have 5 weeks, read it. it was great. but good gravy it was hard to read.

the twilight lord bertrice small
the favored child philippa gregory
the virgin's lover philippa gregory

The yada yada prayer group get's tough neta jackson
salem falls jodi picoult
step on a crack james patterson
can't wait to get to heaven fanny flagg

the good earth pearl s buck
fresh disasters stuart woods
white lies jonellen heckler
anne of green gables l m montgomery
anne of avonlea l m montgomery
love, lies and liquor m c beaton
yada yada gets rolling neta jackson
anne of the island l m montgomery
the novelist angela hunt
the heiress beatrice small
yada yada gets caught (yes again)

july 2007
death of a maid m c beaton
a woman named damaris janette oke
the pillars of the earth ken folette (fabulous book!!)
brothers angela hunt
the 6th target james patterson
the long winter laura ingalls wilder
harry potter and the half blood prince jk rowling
little earthquakes jennifer weiner
jemima j jane green
harry potter and the deathly hallows jk rowling
good in bed jennifer weiner
quaker summer lisa samson
at home in mitford jan karon

august 2007
a light in the window jan karon
invisible prey john sandford
justice denied j a jance
by the shores of silver lake laura ingalls wilder
these happy golden years laura ingalls wilder
little town on the prairie laura ingalls wilder
full of it wendy french
little house in the big woods laura ingalls wilder
the incredible shrinking critic jami bernard
on the banks of plum creek laura ingalls wilder
little house on the prairie laura ingalls wilder
these high green hills jan karon
out to canaan jan karon
divine karen kingsbury
a common life jan karon
the dead don't dance charles martin
a new song jan karon
the body in the ivy catherine hall page

in this mountain jan karon
innocent traitor allison weir
lost in rooville ray blackston
the list robert whitlow
chasing fireflies charles martin
maggie charles martin
40 to life dave jackson

the curse of the pharaohs elizabeth peters
uncharted angela hunt
the guy not taken jennifer weiner
the jewels of tessa kent judith krantz
clan of the cave bear jean auel
world without end ken follett
the mammoth hunters jean auel

the fugitive wife peter brown
outlander diana gabaldon
a light in the window jan karon (yes again for bookclub)
doesn't she look natural angela hunt

david copperfield charles dickens
yada yada gets decked out neta jackson
dark of the moon john sandford
careful use of compliments alexander mccall smith
hindi bindi club monica pradhan
dragonfly in amber diana gabaldon
a christmas carol charles dickens
voyager diana gabaldon
home to holly springs jan karon


Melissa said...

Wow, you are a voracious reader! Congrats, that's a lot of books. I'm thinking I might steal you idea and keep track of how many books I read this year. Thanks for the idea.

I just finished Water for Elephants, it was a really good book.

Cecily R said...

HO.LY. Crap!!!! I thought I was a crazy reader! Kay, you are my new reading hero!! :)

marthamisdemeanor said...

WOW!!! You read a lot! I'm glad you read so much, so you can just tell me what the books were about so I don't have to read em! Tee hee! JK! :)

Oh, and the video is soooo cute! He sounds great!

Melek said...

you should start writing cliff notes from all the books you have read. you could make enough money to buy more books! :)

Betty said...

OMG Kay, you sure do like to read, don't you? I think that's great.

kim said...


Did you take a speed reading course?

SuperCoolMom said...

Wow, I'm going to have to print that out and read a few of those. I love recommendations from other people - you ought to post that on the book blog and star the ones that you'd really recommend or want to read again!

Spammon said...

Here's a list of the books I read last year:

crystal said...

Reading is to Kay as running is to Crystal.

Documenting your reads is SUCH a grand idea!

Rob said...

I am incredibly impressed! So awesome!

Dancin Queen said...

You are such a cute little book worm. I love it!