Wednesday, June 20, 2007

100 things you don't know about me

after feeling the pressure from other bloggers (namely melba and martha) i thought i would take a stab at this. wish me luck coming up with 100 things. i'm pretty much an open book

100. i used to wet the bed. big time. it would be so bad i would have to sleep on the floor because i didn't want to wake up my mom to change the sheets. she would get really mad at me. i think it was a result of my parents divorce. it scarred me.

99. i used to walk in my sleep. i would get up, take my pillow and go lay down in front of the tv. then i would get back up and go to bed. of course i don't remember this but my mom said she would come in the living room in the morning and the tv would be on. that's how she knew i had been up. she was afraid i would one night try to go out the door. so she put up chains on the doors. this is also as a result of my parents divorce. (i guess; i'm not a shrink!)

98. this is gross but you asked me to share. when i have to "go" i always have something with me to read. but i won't let myself "go" until i get to the exact spot to start reading. no thumbing thru magazines for me. that's how i get so much reading done! (i can't believe i'm posting this)

97. i'm obsessed with email and and my answering machine. if i leave the house for 2 minutes i come in and immediately check them both so see if anyone was trying to get in touch with me. i'm so bored being a housewife!!!

96. i have read all of the Little House on the Prairie and the Anne of Green Gables books over 100 times each. i love the simple lives they led. i still read them to this day. every year i read each series (that's 9 Little House and 8 Anne books). and i read the Clan of the Cave Bear Series books each year too. but i haven't read those over 100 times. they are much thicker.

95. when i was in 4th grade i lied to get out of taking P.E. and it worked. i hated P.E.

94. buttered popcorn is my favorite Jelly Belly flavor

93. melba and martha i hope you are sitting down. i have never been into a Victoria's Secret.


Mel said...

i had no idea you wet your bed a lot. how old were you then? i do remember the sleepwalking tho, especially when mom wouldn't let us watch three's company.
how did you lie to get out of PE? what did you tell them?

imkay32 said...

i wet it almost every night. it was bad. and mom would get soooo mad at me. it was horrible.

i don't even remember how i worked the PE scam but i did.

Mel said...

HOLY SHIT! you've NEVER been into a VS????? are you crazy? do you know what you're missing out on? well, lemme tell you....really expensive panties. hahahaha

she shouldn't have gotten mad at you for wetting the bed. you were a kid. you couldn't control that stuff while you were sleeping....

imkay32 said...

not to mention it was her fault for getting a divorce.........

kim said...

Okay, so if I buy a plastic matress pad and chain locks for the doors -- I can leave my husband?

That's not so bad.

Hey, I would be a modern woman about, him and my new boyfriend can be the best of friends, I don't care. I think my kids would love to have an Ashton Kutcher hanging about.

And if you think you are OCD about the answering machine, wait until you get hooked on blog comments! It comes and goes, but trust me when I say that if you find yourself checking your own blog a gazillion times a day -- it's time to take a break from the kids. Too much momming = obsessive blog checking.

Welcome to blogland.

imkay32 said...

thanks kim! i will be posting on your blog so watch out!!!

kim said...

I'll be checking...and checking, and checking...

marthamisdemeanor said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited! Hey, so do I have a problem if I obssesively check other people's blogs to see if they've posted anything!? Ha ha .. cause I check mel's and yours like at least 4 times during the day! Whee!!!

I can NOT belive that you've never gone into Vicky's!! You should go in now!!! The prices are now within reach to buy something at target prices! I give you permission to go treat yourself. And while you're there feel free to buy me lots and lots! Ha ha !!!

I used to sleep walk too! My mom said that it ranged from getting up going to the bathroom and start brushing my teeth and getting ready for school to just sitting straight up in bed. ha ha that used to freak mom out! haha I think it would freak me out too!