Monday, June 25, 2007

100 things continuted

92. i used to be a deadhead (well still am really). i have traveled as far as boston to see them play. that was the life! except the time michael asked me to hold his pack of cigarettes going into a show and it had a joint in it. thank God i had a pack in there too and that's the one they checked. or i would have been posting that i had been in jail before!

91. i love it when people stop me in the grocery store just to tell me how beautiful my hair is. and that happens a LOT!

90. i love to take pictures and i have every negative from every roll of film i have ever taken. even those weird disc cameras. yeah big box of junk i will never look at again. yipee for digital!

89. things i wanted to be when i grew up
1. a veterinarian. then i found out it's not all cute puppies and kittens
2. in Abba. still do btw!
3. a mom. huh
4. a novelist
5. famous

88. i lie to get people to like me. well not anymore (much) but a ton when i was younger. for example: i went with some friends when i was in Jr. High to see rick springfield *sigh* and i tried to convince them to tell everyone that we met him. now why would i do that? if i was there with some friends, obviously they liked me. i'm screwed up.

87. i have a thing for Tudor history. i love everything about King Henry VIII and his wives and Queen Elizabeth. they are pretty much the only non-fiction thing i read. but i love novels about them too. maybe it is a family thing because my cousin shawn is Tudor happy too.

86. my sister is my best friend. when we were little i hated her. i once put a match (not lit) in her mouth to make her stop crying. i bit her, beat her up, pinched her and basically made her life miserable. and now i have to like her because she is so much bigger that me! :) i am so lucky cause when she does something great i can remind her of all the stupid things she has done before and really make her sad. hehe just kidding! she is my best friend and i love her!


Mel said...

she also used to draw on my doll's face or pull out her hair (i forget which) when we took a nap. And she'd always want to fingernail fight me (she had some serious talons). but it's all good bc she's right, now i can beat HER up! hahaha. but i wouldn't bc she's my big sis and i've always looked up to her.

marthamisdemeanor said...

Ha ha ha.. gotta love the memories. :) Sisters are always like that, mean and enemies at first and best of friends later.

When my little sis was really, really little I dressed her up in Cabbage Patch kids clothes. She liked it, she asked to be dressed like that! hahaha

And here's one more for ya: I love your hair!!

But wait, I'm not in a grocery store, does it still count?

imkay32 said...

yes because it happens at Target and church too. so via the internet will work! :)

Mel said...

you dressed jess up in cabbage patch clothes?? hahahahahah....that's awesome!! kay and i had original cabbage patch kids...before the plastic-headed ones came out. i got a white boy and kay got a black boy, and i think that pissed mom off! hahahah

marthamisdemeanor said...

Yeah! And also shoved her in an Ewok head dress!!! Ha ha ha.. you remember those little things from star wars?

kim said...

Do you watch that Tudors show on Showtime?

I don't have showtime, but I see the promos with that Elvis actor guy.

imkay32 said...

i don't have showtime but i got the DVD's from blockbuster.