Thursday, June 21, 2007

movie recommendation

Have you seen The World's Fastest Indian? No, you say. Well go get it. It's a true story about a old man from New Zealand who has a motorcycle called an Indian. He has fine-tuned it until it can go super fast and his dream is to bring it to America and test it's speed on the salt flats in Utah. It stars Anthony Hopkins and it is a wonderful story. I could care less about fast motorcycles and cars but this movie is more about the relationships he forms and the people he meets. My whole family enjoyed it and Hopkins is so charming you wonder how he could ever play Hannibal the Cannibal! (one of my favorite movies btw!) So rent it this weekend and let me know what you think!


marthamisdemeanor said...

Hmm does he eat the people he meets? Like a greet and eat meat type of movie? ha ha ha!!!

cool! I'll put it on our "que". Is that how you spell that? Eh, you know what I mean!

kim said...

did you like all of the "lamb" movies or just the first one?

I couldn't sit through the other ones, but I did walk in the room while hubby was watching one -- just in time to never be able to enjoy Ray Liota ever again -- tainted Ray.

Doesn't mean I won't see this cute movie you speak of. I like a good movie.

imkay32 said...

i have seen all the lamb movies and read the books too (of course) but silence is my fav. i think they tried to hard on the others.

marthamisdemeanor said...

Yeh, I agree, "silence" is by far the best one! :)