Friday, June 22, 2007


oh my gosh i am soooo bored. this week has lasted forever. we have read, played video games, colored, played with the kitty, gone to the library, and the grocery store, played outside, made forts, watched movies and cleaned the house. i can't think of anything else to do. maybe we will play with play-do today. they are both off to camp next week. maybe that's why this week has been so long. and the childcare at the gym opens tomorrow!!!!!!! that is going to be a huge deal. i will have somewhere to go and burn off some steam and monkey will have some kids to play with.
big c can go into the bigger kids room and talk to someone his own age.

i think this stay at home mom thing is getting old. i can only do so much house work and i believe that kids should play by themselves (or with each other) and that i should not have to be "julie cruise director". they do great but sometimes it gets ugly. i think i need a job.

anyway needed something to do so i thought i would post!! :)


marthamisdemeanor said...

Just say no! Jobs are highly overrated! :) I say pick up a hobby! You could pick up the hobby of searching all over for cool gifts for martha and melba!! :) Whee!!!

Hang in there girlie, the day is almost over and then you will have a new outlook on your days starting tomorrow! :)

Mel said...

sorry bored mommy. what are you going to do when big C is in camp? will it be more boring??

kim said...

I was going to homeschool -- now I'm all for school and now that it's summer I'm like, "when is girlscout camp?"

I'm not very good at structuring our days and these kids thrive on the structure thing.

imkay32 said...

i did homeschool for 2 years. but my little one was just a baby so it was easy. now with them both home all the time i'm just bonkers!