Tuesday, June 19, 2007


we got our kitty on saturday. boy is she cute! the kids love her. and i have figured out that 4 is the perfect age to get a kitten. monkey just chases her and plays with her until she can't stand it anymore. she jumps up on top of the couch and goes to sleep. the first night we didn't sleep very well because she slept under the covers of our bed. she kept waking up and wanting to play. last night was better. i have no idea where she slept and i really didn't care! zoe and her are trying to make nice but it is going to take a few more days. zoe just wants to chase her and cassidy is not quite ready for that yet. so we are embarking on another adventure in our home. wish us luck!


Mel said...

ohmigosh! is monkey letting her sleep on his blanket!!! whoa! :)
she's adorable!!! can't wait to visit and have her make biscuits on my lap.

marthamisdemeanor said...

Awww!!! Here kitty! Kittens are sooo cute!

ha ha.. biscuits! haah Melba, you're too funny!

imkay32 said...

she doesn't make biscuits yet. she is too busy. what a spaz!

and yes that is monkey's blanket!