Friday, June 29, 2007

SPICE up your life!!

THE SPICE GIRLS ARE BACK!!!as if you haven't heard by now! i have always been a huge spice girls fan. i have all 3 of their albums (yes they had 3), a spice girl's video and a copy of their full-length movie, spice girl's buttons, spice girl chupa pops and a concert t-shirt from 1998 when they came to charlotte. of course i was there!! it was a great show and i am jumping up and down knowing that they are going to tour again. of course it's only LA, NY and vegas but i have a good a chance of any to win tickets right? if you know anyone who can get me in, please contact me! :)


Mel said...

you need to spice up your blog and post something new!! :) hahaha. i'm so funny.

imkay32 said...

yeah. funny lookin.