Monday, September 10, 2007

busy weekend

this weekend was the car show/concert at Trinity. it was soooo hot!!! got a little sun but not burnt. Big C and blake ran around and play and looked at all of the cars. and Big C took these pix.

so tim and i have talked and he wants me (and i want to) be back in the band. so i sang this weekend. boy have i missed that. it was so much fun!! but poor amanda. the girl just can't sing. so it was kinda hard to sing with her. i will be at practice this week and we will see what happens. i know tim wants me back because i really can sing. that makes me feel great!!

so we played for several hours and probably sweated off several pounds in the process!! then i took cathy and the boys home and picked up monkey who was at the clousers. (thanks!!) went home and just layed on the couch b/c i was soo tired!! DH got home and we got a movie and a pizza. Wild Hogs. it was funny. and DH really liked it.

sunday up early for church. todd was preaching on sex. uh can you saw awkward? it was super quite in there. anyway it was really good and of course the music was awesome. the panthers game was on at 1 and they rocked!! not only did they win but they played really really well. went to pick up big c at the trews and watched the end of the game with them. watched more football, made fish tacos and then watched britney bomb on the MTV awards. poor thing. what a mess.

i decided i would keep the computer off this weekend. no checking emails or blogs. it was hard!! i wanted to see what everyone had posted but i kept it off until this morning. i think i'm going to do that more often. makes me do other things and spend more time with the fam!

oh and big c is taking spanish and i am so proud of him. he is really doing well. and i'm learning some stuff too. i loved spanish in high school and it's all coming back to me.

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Mel said...

great pics big C!! cars look cool.

so glad you're singing again. i know you really really missed it.

so, what did todd say in his sermon? i dont think i've ever heard anyone talk about sex in church. that must have been interesting.

tell C i said "¡Yo le pierdo! "