Monday, September 10, 2007

tag from kim

Four jobs I've had

1. mcdonald's
2. pharmacy tech
3. nanny
4. data entry

Four countries I've been to

1. this one
2. the one i was born in
3. the land of the free
4. the home of the brave

4 places I'd rather be

1. party porch deerfield, nh
2. in bed (sleeping)
3. anywhere reading
4. not working

4 foods I like to eat

1. bread and cheese (not white bread and kraft singles. a nice whole wheat loaf with texture and a good brie or soft cheese like munster)
2. bread and a good olive dipping oil with some black pepper ground over it
3. bread spread with roasted garlic
4. chocolate

4 personal heroes

1. Jesus
2. my sister
3. laura ingalls wilder
4 me

4 books I've read

1. the far pavilions mm kaye
2. the time travelers wife audrey niffenegger
3. anne of green gables lm montgomery
4. the dead don't dance charles martin (or you could scroll down and find all the books i have read this year)

4 words or phrases I'd like to see used more often

1. please
2. thank you
3. excuse me
4. you are right!

4 reasons for ending a friendship

1. Betrayal. I think betrayal would be tough to come back from. (stealing this from kim b/c it's happened to me)
2. lying - if you can't tell your friends the truth who can you tell it to!
3. consistent disrespect
4. they are boring. (sorry i couldn't think of anything else!!)


Swishy said...

Mmmm ... bread and chocolate! Two of my favorite things! (Though not together ... ha)

imkay said...

i don't know...what about chocolate covered bread?

Manic Mom said...

TOTALLY WITH YOU ON THE BREAD THING! and LOL that Swish says the same thing!

kim said...