Friday, September 14, 2007


i got this from crazymama. this is what she wrote

1. KAY -my new blog friend that seems to be everywhere now! i like people who aren't afraid to comment on a strangers blog! (and i was her #1 choice!)

so i'm passing it on to my top 5 favorite ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGERS!!

1. my sister. she got me started blogging. and i love to read her super funny stories and anecdotes.

2. martha. i love to hear about monkey boy and the weird stuff that happens at the gym!!

3. kim. she is the first "stranger" blog i commented on. she has encouraged me to stretch out into ways of blogging!

4. swishy. i mean come on!! swishy!! gotta love her! fun and smart, i get to live vicariously through her blogging.

5. julie. of course my new blogging mentor. has 6 kids AND still has time to make me laugh every day!!!

thank you my blogging buddies! you all ROCK!


Lindsey said...

i love new blogging friends and if julie says you rock than it must be true!! congrats YOU ROCK!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

yay! so glad you liked it! you rock! and you know it is because you comment that i like you so much! i love comments!

HotMama said...

Go Kay! You do rock! It's so fun to get to know you through your comments and your fun blog.

kim said...

love it!

you totally rock!!!

HotMama said...

Oh don't worry about the stalking joke - you'd have to turn off my water, drop my college classes, make 25 crank calls a day to me and throw voodoo dolls in my yard to even compare with my real-life stalker.

HotMama said...
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Mel said...

kay has always rocked...even way back in high school, she was the first one with pink streaked hair to match her high top pink chuck taylors (Waaaaay before they came into vogue).

HotMama said...

Hey Kay, If crazymama never posts that recipe, you can just email me and I'll get it to you:

Drew Blackstone said...

I found you over at Manic's. And we all know that only good things happen at Manic Mom's.

So anyway, I read your profile and I think I can say, without fear of contradiction, that you totally rock!!!!

Except for that Spice Girls thing. But hey, nobody's perfect.

Peace out.