Saturday, August 2, 2008

EHM day 2 part 2

we went to bonefish grill for dinner. yummy!! then we headed back to the house about 8:00. i was floored!!

they had put up all the wrapping and the shingles on the roof. but the foot traffic was still going strong. it was sooo hot and humid i was hoping that would keep the people away. no such luck.

then it got dark and they turned on the big lights.



2:00am (yes 2:00am!) and there will still people out there watching. other than me i mean!

7:00am (yes 7:00am!! thanks monkey)
i can't believe what they got done in just 5 hours. painted, the wood stained, landscaping (mostly the back) and no telling what it looks like inside. we will be heading back in a little while. monkey is really getting tired of being there. and i can't figure out why i'm so obsessed with it. i think if it wasn't at my mom-in-laws i wouldn't be so excited.

and this is the yard.
i can't imagine what it's going to look like after monday. thank goodness they will re-seed the whole thing!


Melek said...

whoa! look at how much they did. i can't believe you stayed up til 2 (or later) to watch. apparently you should have kept monkey up with you so he would sleep in. did you spend the night over there last night?

Melissa said...

Wow, look at how much they can get done in such a short time!!

Jen said...

holy cow Kay! I showed my mom the pics in order( A huge EHMO fan) and the working time frame of 88 hours and she was blown away! I'd love to have hung out with you last night! It sounded like a blast! I'll check back in to see the updates.
Kiss my kitties!
PS It took a grueling 12 hours to get here because Angel baby got car sick every 40 minutes for the first half :(