Monday, August 11, 2008


what a nice weekend. the weather was sooo great on saturday we turned off the a/c and opened all the windows. awesome!! hubby mowed the front yard and i cleaned for my pampered chef party i had sunday. then we sat on the couch and watched the olympics. now that we have a dvr we just tape and watch what parts we want. love it!! big c spent the night at logan's and my mom came and got monkey and took him to dinner and to see wall-e. so we had a night to ourselves. very nice. got chinese and just chilled with a movie. 21. it was really good.

sunday was church then hanging out with more olympics until the PC party. very successful and fun. yummy food of course!! and i'm up to $60 in free stuff!! i just can't decide what i want!

we are having a dilemma about church. we go to the main campus in matthews which is only about 15 minute drive. not bad at all. but they are putting a satellite church in mint hill up the street from where we live. and i know God wants us to go there. we did the portable church for so long i feel like He prepped us for this and we need to be obedient to what He wants us to do. but I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE!!! i love just going and not having to work. (i don't consider keeping the nursery work!) and if we do what we are supposed to do and go to the new church there will be lots of work. and then there is big c. the middle school program is amazing! and he has been asked to play in the band. and this is the age where kids start falling away from church and i don't want that to happen. at the new church there will not be a middle school band. church for them yes but not their own building like they have now. and he is very upset about it. we keep beating it to death. and just don't know what to do. anyway...

oh and kim THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING ME TO MIKA!!!! we love him!! how much fun is he!!!


kim said...

If it's on your heart to go to the new one, you have to trust that God has something rewarding in store for big C too that you just can't see right now. Doesn't it usually work that way?

Just be sure you aren't an over committer and confusing guilting yourself about feeling you "should" help with an actual pull, because easy is okay too. But it does sound like you already know your heart -- so think on decision times before and how it turned out better than thought to imagine.

That was a mouthfull, hope it made sense.

Either choice you are doing service work and being an example to your kids and it will pay off on the plus side.

...and thanks for the shout out, glad you enjoy as much as I do. I've turned Rich too!

Melek said...

maybe you could alternate weeks at each church. that way, you could 'test' the new one, but still keep ties at the old one. i know that youth center at the old church rocks and big C really loves it...i'd have for him to have to give that up too. and you're right, wasn't it right about this time that we stopped going to church with mom? or at least started hating it? i know i did.

Melek said...

oh, and i'm totally jealous of your cool weather. we're supposed to get rain and a cold front (95°) tomorrow, but i doubt it'll happen.

oyer said...

Hey kay, I love your honesty. I know what you mean, We too, are going to mint hill campus for 6 months, And it father away from our home but we know this is what God wants for us for now. Trusting Him is what i am going to do but I will say it would be fun to do this faith walk together with YOU!!!!
on another note, how did you put music on your blog page ?? I need you to show me how to do this thing!!! You are good :O)