Friday, August 1, 2008

EHM day 2

monkey got me up early this morning. thanks. but i got up and we were at the house by 9:00. this is what it looked like i can't believe how much they got done from yesterday.

i set monkey up on a blanket in the front yard to play with his My Little Sandbox.

i brought some magazines and the laptop so i could check up on everyone's blogs. which i have been super slack on. sorry!!! but so many people kept stopping to chat with me that i had almost no time to check. it was really great though. everyone congratulated me on my location. and wanted me to tell them what had happened yesterday. so i got to talk a lot!! (which always makes me happy!)

i tried to take a picture about every hour or so. here's what i have so far.

we left about 4 to come home and let the dog out. we are going to dinner with my mom then we are headed back to spend the night. because it's a friday i expect tons of people to show up after work and after they have dinner. ann (hubby's sis) had to leave for the airport this morning at 4am. there were people out there watching then!!! so i plan on staying up and observing.

i still have not seen ty pennington. he should be there tonight or tomorrow. but rip, deedee, michael and ed were there. i saw ed and michael doing some silly stuff and getting filmed. i can't wait to see the show and see if what i saw is what they put on there.

and it's HOT! but i'm in the shade thank you very much! hope to get some good pix tonight. so be checking!!

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Melek said...

love the play by play photography! :)
be sure to sneak out tonight with your night-vision camera so you can get the 'candid' shots of Ty we're all waiting to see.