Monday, August 4, 2008

i am extremely tired of extreme home makeover

well it's over. and i have to say i truly enjoyed all of it. except today. there must have been 1,000 people there. and they were the rudest, most inconsiderate people on the planet. they stood all over the flowers, left their trash everywhere and even sat in our swing when i went inside to potty!!! i took tons of pictures but this video really shows what it was like. so enjoy.

i got a small glimpse of ty pennington as he ran by the crowd. sorry it didn't turn out better. but i did get to see ed up close.
he is a cutie too. and very sweet.

some lady let her kid pee in the bushes in front of the house!!!
what!!??!! why didn't she just ask to use the one inside. it's not like we weren't sitting right there!!!!! some mom did ask if her son could go and of course we let him. we are not ogres people! and a family brought food from Wendy's and had a picnic in the front yard. no big deal except one of them threw their tomato off of their burger into the yard!! again, WHAT!!!???!!! i found it after they had left or i would have thrown it back at them!!

and people were passing out right and left from the heat. the reveal was supposed to happen at 2:00 but they had to break for lunch (union rules i guess) and they didn't re-start until 3:30. some people had been out there since 9am! and it was HOT!!

the house is beautiful!! i can't wait to see the show to see the inside. when i know the actually date, i will let you know!


kim said...

you don't know the people? Get an early peek?

I'm so far behind, I have to see what goes on here (Home makeover obviously!)

I love that they get to feel good about cheering on some needy family while treating your's like crap -- there it is, there's our world.
What's wrong with humans?

Melissa said...

Wow, rude people, huh?

Thanks a million for bringning us all of these wonderful's like I was there!

Melek said...

wow, the house is REALLY different than the rest of the neighborhood...crazy big. who is the lady in the driveway? does she live there?
thanks for all the pics! can't wait to see it on TV. did you ever make the news?

Cecily R said...

Oh. My. GOSH. I cannot believe people are that amazingly rude!!! I LOVE LOVE that you took a picture of that stupid mom. I hope she sees that and is really really embarrassed. I'm seriously shocked anyone is that obnoxious.

SuperCoolMom said...

Wow! Those people are unbelievable going into your yard and sitting on your swing!?! Sometimes people are sooo thoughtless. I'm sure it would be uncomfortable to ask to use the bathroom, but more uncomfortable than peeing in your bushes IN FRONT of YOU!?! Wild. I bet all the neighbors are glad it's over with.

And, just for the record, I would never turn them down if the offered to do my house. All the negative talk is to tell myself I'm satisfied with my too small, too old, too trashed house - that I can afford (mostly).

kari said...

Why am I not surprised??? People just don't think...

oyer said...

Love your Blog!!!
I did walk right by your house!

Cathy B said...

I am sorry you had to deal with rude people but thrilled you spent part of your summer enjoying a front row seat of EHM!!!
I have a "connection" to our local EHM: Emily's brother in law works at the T-shirt shop where all those EHM shirts were made for the volunteers. He said they made like a bazillion of them and thought it was never going to end!!!