Monday, August 4, 2008

i had to go back EHM day 4

i caved. but i convinced my mom she needed to see it and i knew she would not stay out there very long. so i was only there for about an hour. and really there was not too much to see since most of the work is being done on the inside now.


notice how this house dwarfs the ones next to it. it's a monster.

one of the crew used the pressure washer hose and misted the crowd. they loved that.

here is the path thru the yard again. it just keeps getting worse.

and here is a group of people that are coming from the shuttle.
they arrive like this every 15 to 30 minutes. lots of new people to talk to! :)

ty was there but i didn't see him.

today is the reveal. i decided i am going to go. my mom told me that i had put in all this time and i needed to be there. so be prepared. you never know what may happen......


SuperCoolMom said...

Are all those stupid comments before me spam? Looks like it.

That house is HUGE! How is that poor woman going to manage the utilities and other costs associated with maintaining that huge house? I always wonder about that. I heard that the one they did here in Gilbert for a family ended up being foreclosed on about a year later because they couldn't manage the maintenance costs etc. It doesn't seem quite kosher to build such a monstrosity. I don't think that I could afford to heat and cool a house three times the size of mine. I know I'd be dying trying to keep up with the cleaning too. I'm afraid that the fantasy would turn into a nightmare all too soon. I'd be curious for them to do a show and go back and visit the families they've done this for and see how it's working out. Of course, no one would say anything bad. Maybe 60 minutes should do a follow up.

Do you know that lady? You can do follow up for me with her and let us know it ends up in the long run.

Cecily R said...

You HAVE to see the reveal!! We need to know what happens in the behind the scenes.

And I'm with Super. I read about the house that went into foreclosure. It was because they took out a $450,000 loan against it and couldn't pay it back. All the volunteers that worked on it were TICKED. Sad.

Looking forward to seeing you on TV!!

Melek said...

i didnt think about the triple heating/cooling costs. hopefully they used energy efficient stuff in it. cant wait to see today's pics!