Monday, December 10, 2007


Melek said...

wow!!! that is GREAT GREAT GREAT!! i loved it! how talented are these guys?!

crystal said...

Songs? What songs? I was staring at the hot guys the entire time...rhrawr...!

Yes, that's me, the cradle-robber.

Betty said...

Hi Kay, I enjoyed the Christmas music.

Missed you the last couple of days.

How did you get the message beside the time you posted where you said x number of people made me feel important. I have searched and can't find how to do it.

Thank you for introducing me to blogging. If you had not given me your blogging site for me to access than I would have never discovered this new found hobby of mine.

Melissa said...

That was hysterical!! I love the way they pulled all those songs in together!!

Very cool!

Drewpy Drew said...

I hate to admit it, but I bought Toto IV just for the song "Africa". An 80's punk that liked pop. Oh the shame.

Karla said...

Too funny!!! They're awesome.