Friday, December 7, 2007

december stuff

this weekend DH and big c finished the quarter pipe they have been working on. (much to my dismay! can you say 911?) but he is enjoying it sooo much. he can't wait to get home from school and jump on his skateboard and go at it. here's a pix.
yesterday we headed to the big mills outlet mall to see santa. big c got upset when i told him we were going so i let him skip school and go with monkey and i. boy am i glad i did. we had the BEST time!! we got to the mall as it opened so it wasn't too crowded. we looked at stuff they kids wanted and stuff i wanted to look at. i did some gift shopping and they got to have lunch at the BK Lounge. (very exciting for them!) we looked at the ginormous fish tank they have at the bass pro shop. i let them get some candy at the candy store. and i had a coupon for $5 off a build a bear. since i have boys we have never done that before. oh my gosh! it was so fun. monkey had a great time! and big c is just the best brother ever!

to top off the day we went to see Enchanted. if you haven't gone, GO!! it was great. and the best part was we were the only people in the whole theater!! we had our own private screening. which was good because i laughed like an idiot!! i can't wait to see it again. it was a great family movie. go see it!
holy cow we are sooo busy this weekend. tonight we have a party. grown-ups no kids. nice for us. and tim and cathy are going with us. tomorrow monkey has a special mrs claus day at pre-school. they are going to make cookies and decorate ornaments. he is very excited. when we pick him up we are headed to cornelius for band practice. (which is about an hour drive! i could kill tim) we have a concert there in a week or so and he wants us to practice to get a feel for the place. so we won't be home until about 7. then sunday church and i'm doing the nursery at the 11:00 service. 3:00 is the cookie exchange at dan and kari's. which means while monkey is at his special saturday pre-school gig i get to make cookies and go shopping for a laptop. (keep your fingers crossed i can find a good deal!)
boy i'm pooped just thinking about it. but i got something new to wear tonight so i'm excited! and new earrings!
now i'm headed into the kitchen to try melissa's chocolate covered marshmallows and pretzel rods.


Spammon said...

Check out or for some great laptop prices and/or coupons. That's if you want to get them online. Otherwise, Costco has some screaming deals on HP's. I once got sick off marshmallows in a marshmallow stuffing contest. I had close to 1,000,000 in my mouth before I ralphed all over the floor.

kay said...

wow a million marshmallows!! i would be in heaven!!

thanks for the heads up on the coupons. i will check them out for sure!

Crazymamaof6 said...

super fun day! and very cool skateboard ramp!

Melissa said...

Yuck on the marshmallows...good thing they aren't my favs ;)
Good luck dipping and keeping up with your busy scehdule this weekend!!

Betty said...

The picture of Big C on his skateboard reminds me of my 12 year old grandson. He loves skateboarding and wants his Dad to build him a ramp.

What a fun day you and the boys had yesterday. I love the pictures of your two boys making a bear. They were having fun with it from the looks of the pictures.

You are one busy person this time of year. I understand, but that doesn't mean I didn't miss your blog from yesterday.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Rob said...

Oh I can see how a quarter pipe could be scary!!

A grown up party, with a new dress and a relatively new hair do?! Oh yeah, big night!

John said...

i dont know why seeing a pic of the boys stuffing a bear made me cry, but it did. i think i'm missing them a lot. can't wait to see you guys soon!

hope you're taking pics of you in your new outfit and new hair tonight!

Sassy said...

for some reason, im logged in as JD instead of me. that's weird. it's your sis... JD didnt cry when he saw the boys ;)

kay said...

that was weird!! i thought john who?

hehe!! thanks for clearing that up!

kim said...

What a great mom day -- so sweet.

crystal said...

Kay- I got gumdrops in the bulk candy bins, but they're also in the packaged Christmas candy.