Friday, December 14, 2007

i'm finally getting around to posting the pictures of some of my favorite Christmas ornaments.
when we were first married i asked for ornaments for gifts because i didn't have any. this is one that i got. it's made of tin and just the cutest painted santa!
my friend angela and i used to go to dead shows all the time. so every Christmas she send me some kind of hippie/grateful dead ornament. i love this hippie santa!

one year my sis got crafty and made gifts. this is not really an ornament but i love to put this angel on the tree. when we had a small tree she was our topper. she is made of raffia and moss.
since the year big c was born i have bought hallmark year ornaments for my kids. i wish i could get them up to the age of 18!!
do you remember the ornaments you could make with these metal outlines and you put in the colored plastic sprinkles and bake them? i don't even know if they make those any more! but this is one that i made when i was probably 8. love it!!
last year my mom decided to give all of her ornaments to my sis and i. so we had some fun dividing them up. one i have always loved is this elf who sits in a wreath and always hides way back in the tree. sorry you can't see him very well, but that's the whole idea!
big c made this at a library christmas party when he was 2 years old! i love these kinds of ornaments. and i date them all so i can remember. there are a bunch more but i just couldn't put them all on here!
this one is another one of my favs that my mom gave up. it's decoupage on the inside of a sea shell. we used to live in florida so this is very much part of my childhood. sorry it's blurry but i was taking pix as the kids were decorating and they were not being very still!!
when i was in high school i worked at mcdonalds. one year they were giving cinderella's mice, jac and gus, as ornaments. so i snagged them. so cute!!
during our first few years of marriage we were very poor. and i wanted to give gifts but just couldn't afford much so i panted a lot of ornaments and gave them as gifts. this one is wooden and i just filled it in. but it's pretty and helps me to remember the reason for the season!!
monkey made this paper plate ornament in sunday school a few weeks ago. when he got home he ran to the tree and said "see we don't need an angel on top now!" he was so pround! this is the last one i'm going to post. when big c was little he had a huge thing for elmo. i mean really big! so i found this ornament. and he could always point it out on the tree even when he was 1. still today it's "his" ornament and only he can put it on the tree.
and this is the final results. there are a lot of things i didn't put on the tree this year because of the psycho cat. she has already taken the tree down once. hopefully next year i can put my other favs up!!


Spammon said...

And what's the story behind Jeff Gordon down there at the bototm of your tree?

kay said...

haha!! i can't believe you saw that!

i used to work for Mr. Hendrick and my mom still does. so we are big Gordon/Johnson fans. and i am making no apologies for it! :)

Melissa said...

Beautiful tree. I love looking at ornaments and you can usually find me around a tree if I wander off.

After my cat decided to climb in the tree the first year we had her we decided to attach it to the wall. We put a hook into the wall behind the tree and strung fishing wire around the stem of the tree and attached it to the hook. We didn't have any problems with the tree coming the ornaments, that was a different story.

Melek said...

i remember waking up in the middle of the night bc Nosy (our cat) was swatting the ornaments around.

i should have fought harder for the Jack/Gus ornaments. those are my favs. but i got Bugs Bunny, so i still feel like a winner! :)

Spammon said...

melissa - How long did you leave your cat hooked, strung and tied to the wall like that? Did you give it water and food and leave some kitty litter below it?

Betty said...

Hi Kay,

I enjoyed looking at the pictures of some of your favorite ornaments. You have some very pretty and unique ones. The hand made ones, especially by your kids and other family members, are always the most special.

Have a good weekend.

kim said...

I enjoyed this so much -- all the warm fuzzies of Christmas.

I think you can still get the ones you bake at Ben Franklin or maybe Micheal's would have them. I know my girls did an earing tree a few years back (didn't have peirced ears yet, but somehow they had that craft -- so it's out there).

SuperCoolMom said...

Love seeing your cute ornaments and especially hearing the memories associated with each of them!

Rob said...

Ooooooo! I need that first one to hang on my guitar! (BTW, my calluses are coming along quite nicely!!!!)

Drewpy Drew said...

A Deadhead? Cool. It's time for you to come over and join the Parrotheads. Mr. Buffett does some great covers of some Dead songs.

Jules said...

Such a sweet post!
House of Jules

Melissa said...

LOL!! Spammon, we attached the tree to the wall....guess I need to read before I comment ;)

Dancin Queen said...

What a good post, I bet it feels good to have all of that documented. It makes me wish that I had done that too. It's fun hearing the little stories and reminscing about special things.

Cecily R said...

What a fabulous eclectic tree you have. Yours is the kind I love the most! Your ornaments are wonderful!

SaoirseDaily2 said...

I love the hippie Santa ornament. White Trash mix sounds pretty yummy. Have a fun and festive holiday weekend.

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