Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas programs

i wanted to wait until both of the boys had their programs before i posted so you could see the wonder of both of them at the same time! :)

monkey's was last week. they did a very cute (and short) re-telling of the Christmas story. the 4 year olds played the main parts. monkey kept saying he was a shepherd. and the bulletin said he was a shepherd. then here he comes as a sheep. and he was in the back. so i didn't get a very good picture. i was mad. oh well. look behind mary. see that thing in white? that's him. after the program we went to the gym where they had a ton of food. and SANTA CLAUS!! (he's my favorite!) monkey wanted to sit on his lap. and i made big c too! aren't they adorable?

big c's performance was on monday night. he is in performing arts and they are the ones that put on the "play" part of the performance. they did all the talking and the elementary school did the singing parts. it was called Bethlehem Gulch. the Christmas story cowboy style. big c was an understudy for Cookie the cook. and the boy told him he was not going to be there for the play so big c was expecting to actually do the part. well, the boy showed up. big c was so upset. anyway he did have a solo. he was an angel and sang silent night. note the backup singers. the one with the dark hair on his right is HER! the girl that he likes. very cute.

and here is a great picture of him in his angel costume. i wish he still had his halo on.

i told you the little kids did the singing. the kindergartener's and the 1st graders were the sheep. they were supposed to get a white, hooded sweatshirt and attach the ears. i think some of the parents got carried away. this little boy stood in the front row and never sang a word. but he looked so cute. the whole place was practically rolling on the floor.


Melek said...

wow, i'm so impressed with his singing. good thing he didnt get MY voice! hahah... Monkey is adorable as a sheep. but that kid in the front with all the stuffing on him is hysterical! poor thing. i bet he was embarrassed.

kim said...

The boy can carry a tune!

This is the good stuff.

Love that fluff ball of a kid -- right out of a movie.

Betty said...

Such adorable pictures, Kay. Your kids are so handsome.

I posted the nuts and bolts recipe on my blog. I hope you've been over to get it. Or I can send it in an email to you if you want me to.

Melissa said...

Wow, that was great! Your kids are adorable.

That poor kid in the fluff. I see him hating his parents just a little bit for that outfit.

Cecily R said...

What great looking boys you have!!

By the way, I can totally see the sheep behind Mary!

Spammon said...

You know that picture will be showing up on that kids wedding video!

Rick said...

Nothing sadder than being an unused unappreciated understudy in your own Christmas pageant.