Monday, October 29, 2007

art deco?

i live in the south. (NC to be exact) if you have been paying attention we have had NO rain since june. we are about 18 inches below normal. and are on water restrictions etc. well it rained last week. and no one could talk about anything else. we were so happy. until i saw something on the ceiling in my living room. yep. the roof was leaking.

so i called my DH (who happens to be a builder) and told him what was going on. he tells me to go up into the attic and see what i could see. well i could see nothing. he gets home and crawls up there and i hear "expletive!!!". great. yes we had a leak. and the insulation and the drywall were soaked. he sopped up what he could and then got this gleam in his eye. i think i can get the ceiling to not bow out from the water. he says. here lets try this. and i had to live with this in my living room all weekend. pain in the @** let me tell you.


Melek said...

hahaha...when you described it, that's not what i was envisioning. no wonder cassidy wants to climb it. it looks fun. i'm surprised monkey isn't swinging around on it :)
so, how long til it's fixed? or is this a permanent addition to the living room?

Crazymamaof6 said...

not fun! and that is crazy smart way to fix it. hope it doesn't become a permanent fixture!

crystal said...

That is what you officially call a "contraption."

Isn't being a wife of a builder fun? (eyes rolling) Mike's a builder too.

kim said...

Hey, put lights on it and there you have your Christmas tree.

Two birds!