Friday, October 19, 2007

fun fun fun!

tomorrow is the fall fest at big c's school. i love those things. cheesy games with candy for prizes, bouncy houses, BBQ, bake sale and a cake walk!! there may even be a petting zoo and pony rides. the middle schoolers will work the BBQ and concession stand so big c will have something to do but for the first time EVER i am not signed up for anything. i helped with the silent auction stuff and will go early and help set up and stay to break down but i don't have a time scheduled to help somewhere. i'm stoked!! that never happens. i'm sure i will end up doing something but it's nice to know i can be free the whole day! it's supposed to be beautiful weather. 78 and breezy. YIPEE!! can't wait!!


HotMama said...

Our Fall Festival is next week. I'm signed up for face painting, but only for an hour. Last year, I sat for 3 hours with a 20 yard line up of kids waiting (until finally some guy volunteered to help!) Those poor kids, some of them waited in line for face painting half the night.

Have a great time! Enjoy playing with your kids!

Melek said...

gotta love the feeling of not having a responsiblity...finally! go enjoy it! and take lots of pics! :)

Ann said...

I heard the ad on 95.1 the other day.