Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween part 1

wow!! it's only 3:00 and it has been a great halloween already! got up and took big c to school per usual then it was time for monkey's fall party!! i got to go a little early and hang out in his class room. it's always so fun to see how your child plays with other kids that you don't know. he really is a good friend. and i got to chat with his teacher who is i really like. about 10 we headed outside for the fun. the school rented a bouncy house and a train and they set up a game station, a bubble station and a face painting station (which monkey was totally afraid of. weird). they also had a popcorn machine. everyone took turns with everything but all monkey wanted to do was jump in the bouncy house! he loves those things. the mom of one of the boys in his class and i went to high school together so we talked a lot. which was very nice. and i got to meet some of the other moms. one of the teachers went and got chicken nuggets from wendy's and we all ate lunch outside at the picnic tables. the weather was perfect! then we gathered up all the goodie bags and headed off to big c's school.

now they got out early and since i am not quite good enough to be in 2 places at one time, my friend deb got big c for me. it also happened to be the day they were celebrating her daughter amelia's birthday in preschool. so we trotted ourselves over there to help her celebrate that! (btw monkey and amelia are betrothed.) and after that deb had a conference for jeremy so i took the rest of her kids and mine and headed out to the playground to wait. all the afterschool kids were outside so it was a fun time for all!

and i got to get big c's report card. he made all A's and 1 B. i am so proud of him. first year of middle school and he did that well!

now i have a pot of potato/corn chowder on the stove and loaf of bread in the oven. that is our standard halloween eve meal. pretty soon it will be time to get into costume...


Melek said...

YAHOO!!! What a great day! i love that you have such great boys and they are such good friends with so many others. i love to hear that :)

can't wait to see pics from Halloween Part II :)

save me some candy!

Betty said...

Kay, glad you had a nice Halloween. We didn't have a single trick or treater at our house this year. By the way, who is that singing on your blogger site?


Drewpy Drew said...

Geeze! Is this what we pay taxes for? They should be walking to school in the snow uphill both ways like I had to.

Happy Halloween. :)

kay said...

betty it's a mix that i made and posted. if you scroll down near the bottom of the page it will tell you who the artist is. i think the first song is by Berlin.

glad you stopped by!! :)

did you get my email?