Tuesday, October 30, 2007


after the ceiling disaster we finally got to carve out some time to work on our pumpkins. (get it? carve out some time! :D)

monkey hates the innards of a pumpkin so we always get a pix of him grossing out.

his pumpkin is always easy to carve. anything scary is fine with him. big c is another story. he cut the top off and cleaned it out and left it for 2 days before he could decide what he wanted to put on it. we were watching Hook last night and that set off his creative juices. so he went for a hook. turned out pretty good, don't you think!

oh and notice that cassidy had to get involved. looks like the pumpkin is eating her.
(i wish!)
and here are some more random pumpkin pix

tommorrow is halloween!! i ♥ candy!!


Melek said...

hahahah...the pumpkin is totally eating the cat! that's awesome! i loved the video last year of monkey going OHHH!!! NO NONO!! when you pulled the guts out. that was classic! Big C's hook is AWESOME! tell him i said it's very creative and original.

Cecily R said...

Oh my gosh it seriously looks like he is going to puke just looking at the pumpkin guts! I have a box of them on my porch right now that would send him straight to the bathroom!

Love the Hook pumpkin and the picture of the cat being swallowed!

Happy Halloween!

hotmamabeads said...

Hey Kay, I'm glad you found me at my new blog. I'm still hoping that I can get my old one back! Have you seen those pics of the barfing pumpkins? - monkey would love those (just google it and you'll find some)!

Emmanuelle said...

So fun !!! I love your pumpkin eating your cat :-)

Ann said...

Awesome pumpkins. Patrick carved the absolutely beautiful one about 2 weeks ago so it rotted. I told him that would happen. I can't wait to see their costumes.

Crazymamaof6 said...

love the pumpkins way to go being a fun mom!