Wednesday, October 10, 2007


i should blog more. but when there is nothing going on i have nothing to blog about!

monkey has a fever so he stayed home from school today. i hate that. my kids don't get sick. really. (thank you Lord!) and it's just a fever nothing else. but i can't send him to school. so my whole day is shot. not that i was going to do much but i did get the info for the new contract i'm going to work on. and i was going to start today. bust.

it is still soooo hot here!! we broke a record yesterday. 93. in october! i am so tired of wearing shorts. i'm ready to break out my denim jacket. i'm so ready for cold weather that i made a pot of red lentil soup this morning. i crave that stuff!!

big c is staring in a skit for the elementary kids in chapel today. he is going to be the kids that gets picked on and by the end everyone likes him. i really wanted to sneak in the back and see him. but i can't go if monkey still has a fever. big c was so excited. that boy is destined to be famous!

we have been waiting for it to cool down to put up our halloween decorations. it's hard to get pumped about it when we have the a/c on! one thing i like about decorating for halloween is that i don't have to dust!! it just makes it look more scary! (good excuse huh!)

and did you all know that i sing in a band? (don't know if i have mentioned that before) check us out trewth

if you click on alive and for you, that's me singing. we recorded those in the studio and tim did the rest in his band room so they are just him singing but i do sing on all of those. we have a heavy schedule coming up. very exciting. maybe i will get some video this friday night when we play and i'll post it.

don't i look like a rock star? :D


Melek said...

there's something about a high-necked blouse with a bow tied in front that just screams "ROCK STAR!!" :)
you're destined for fame

kay said...

i LOVED that dress. it had the chalk board drawings from captain kangaroo on them!

well you know my name is simon and the things i draw come true. And the pictures take me, take me over, climb the ladder with you

HotMama said...

You rock Kay! Love the picture, I'm sure I had one very similar. That's a bummer you missed his play and have a sicko. Melissa and Crazymama both had kids barfin' today. I wonder what virus is going around on the web?

Drewpy Drew said...

"I want to be a rock star..." - Third Day

kay said...

haha drew!! we love that song and i sing it LOUD in the car!

hotmama post your pigtail pix!! would love to see it.

memory lane monday? give us your best pigtail picture.....

Manic Mom said...

I hope your son feels better. by the way, FISHHEAD SONG--haven't heard that in forever. my son is like, "Mom, turn that off!"