Friday, October 19, 2007

what's in a name

do you like your name? when i say my name out loud i really hate it. and my husband never calls me by name.

if you could pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?

i love the name elizabeth.

and i don't have a middle name so i can't use that.

anyone? anyone? bueller?


HotMama said...

Cordelia? Maybe you should spell it with an e, that might help.

kay said...


that is sooo funny!

and there are not many people that will get it!

HotMama said...

I love the name Elizabeth too! ;)

I talked to an old friend last night - his daughter had her name legally changed to Rock N. Roll. Seriously.

That might fit you. Have your friends call you Rock for a week and see how you like it. It's only around $250 to get it changed!

Emmanuelle said...

Well, if I would chang my name, I would choose Léonie or perhaps Cléo because there is not a lot people calling like that and I am sure that people wearing those name are self-assured.

Melek said...

i wanted to be named Jacqueline when i was little...but not now. altho it'd be cool to have a name with a "Q" in it.

i think my name fits me. i'm happy with it as long as i have an interesting last name to go with it, which i do :)

crystal said...

Is hotmama alluding to ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, perhaps.

Oh, you thought you could stump me. Nope. I'm an Anne-fan.

I like my name, and I like yours, too!

The heart of the matter here is really this: what DOES your husband call you? (wink, wink)

Drewpy Drew said...

If you can be Cordelia, I want to be Mathew.

Yes I too love Anne. My wife and I spent a week and a half on PEI a few yeas ago and it was totally cool.

And who ever writes these word verification things sure can't spell very well. What the h*ll is 'nbjampwj'?

kay said...

WOW!! you guys are good! maybe i will try cordelia.

cordelia's simple life. hmmm

has a nice ring don't you think?!


crystal said...

Hey Cordelia:
YOU FINISHED OUR BOOK W/OUT ME??? My reading came to a shreiking standstill this weekend. :( Did you like it as much as Pillars? How did you like the ending? Do tell! Let's have our own blogging book club.

Actually, THAT is a brilliant idea.

kay said...

i loved it!!! it was as great as pillars and i would read it again right now except i promised my friend cathy i would pass it on to her.

blogging book club!!! awesome! let's do it!

Cecily R said...

I hear lines from Anne of Green Gables in my head all the time. Gosh, I'm a geek.

As for your question, I've always liked my name. It's different and I've only met one other Cecily and I was 26. Oddly enough, she was my neighbor. I mean a-we-lived-in-#17-and-she-lived-in-#18-neighbor. Go figure.