Wednesday, October 3, 2007

costume ideas anyone?

monkey has decided he wants to be Woody for halloween. great! i have all the stuff for that. not sure if Big C is going to want to dress up but i had better be ready. it's hard for an 11 year old to pick something.

this is what we did last year. (thanks sis!)


and this is monkey...

actually the whole family dressed up last year. i went as my husband...

so any ideas for an 11 year old boy would be appreciated.


smithfam said...

I lOVE that grasshead idea. So dang clever! I am not very creative to come up with cute ideas. Let me know if you come up with any. :)

kay said...

actually my sister found that on martha

i'm not that good

pretty cute and he could wear it to school.

Crazymamaof6 said...

that is pretty darn fabulous! love the grass head! hmmm what is his fave thing? book character? movie theme? hippy , punk, goth? after about ten or twelve i was always a punk, which now is probably goth.

Mel said...

he could just go as 'cutest nephew EVER' and then he wouldn't have to bother buying a costume at all.

or another favorite "11 year old boy"...that's a classic standby.

or, "mommy's oldest son".

i think those are all clever costumes...much more original than 'grass head' :)

HotMama said...

My teenage boys have done Indiana Jones (My old leather coat, grampa's cool leather whip, cool hat), Civil War Soldier, Cowboy with a long duster coat, Dracula, Frankenstein, Clark Kent (wore the old Superman Cape under his dress shirt, tie and suit - whenever people asked what he was, he'd tear open the front of his shirt to reveal the 'S', and of course a Soldier in camoflage stuff. How about a homeless guy with a shopping cart (Crazymama has one in her yard you could borrow.) heehee

Drew Blackstone said...

I Can't believe you have Fish Heads playing. I still have the original vinyl LP from high school. My friends and I loved Barnes and Barnes. Thanks for the reminder.

BTW - James Bond could work for him.

Swishy said...

LOVE IT! That is so awesome!