Monday, October 22, 2007

less than 50!

#49. i walk on my toes. always have. that's why i have such wide feet. i don't know why i do it. but i have huge calves!

#48. effervescent is my favorite word. it describes me perfectly. (unless i'm in a bad mood of course!)

#47. jobs i've had
little caesar's pizza
drug emporium (cashier)
drug emporium (pharmacy tech)
bindley western drug warehouse
rock n roll emporium (only 3 days) horrible job
dial page (transcriber)
hendrick automotive (as in rick hendrick race car owner) best job ever!
date processing from home

#46. i think peanut butter is the worlds most perfect food

#45. pizza topping of choice: mushroom and only mushroom

#44. i went to college for interior decorating. and dropped out

#43. i was born in baltimore maryland

#42. i have green eyes and freckles

#41. i do not have a middle name. and kay is not my real name it's kathleen. when i got married my maiden name turned into my middle name. not liking that. should have just removed it all together like my sis did. (she doesn't have a middle name either)

#40. i have always wanted to write a book. so far no luck with that.


Emmanuelle said...

Love peanut butter too, but I wish you could taste "nutella", and you will say:"Oh my G... ! Yummmy !!
The american exchange student that come to my parents'home ate it so much when she first tasted it that she get sick.

kay said...

we have nutella here! and you are right! that stuff is addicting!

Emmanuelle said...

Super! 16 years ago when I was in ohio you didn't have it. There is one thing from your country I would love eat again and you can not find it in France. This is your soft cookies with white cream inside. Hummmmm, just to think at it make me hungry! Do you still have it in USA ?

Melek said...

i never understood the whole "take your last name as your middle name" thing. like i'd want my middle name to be Rogers. i want something pretty like "pricilla" or even "melissa"...not Rogers. what kind of middle name is that for a girl? (no offense) and what if your last name is Jobleski or Brailsford or something. that's not a very good middle name either. can really tell when men make up the rules. it's like going into a women's bathroom and there's no hook on the back of the door. you can totally tell a MAN designed the bathroom, bc no woman would ever design a stall without a hook.

did i get a little off topic?

crystal said...

I've always wanted to write a book too! What genre would you write? I want to do a YA historical fiction.

I also have freckles. We rock.

HotMama said...

Love the tidbits about you! It's so fun to hear all about your INTERESTING and EXCITING life!

Your prize should be there any minute!

Drewpy Drew said...

I have a middle name that I am not fond of. In the big picture, it's not a big deal.

I have hazel green eyes that change color with my moods. I really did that.

And don't worry about the book. When it's ready to come out, it will write itself.

Peace out.

Crazymamaof6 said...

love your list! so fun to learn more about you!

Dad Stuff said...

Our neice had her middle name legally changed. Maybe you could pick something cool like, effervescent. That has a ring to it.

Cecily R said...

Hey, me too on 44 and 40. Now we're dropping out of college kindred spirits.

Ann said...

I remember when you worked at dial page and was transcribing those messages to that one couple.