Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i have been tagged

crystal tagged me with 7 random things. so here goes

7. i am currently involved in 2 bible studies. one is Bible Study Fellowship which is international and one is with a group of women i have been with for about 6 years. that is a lot of Bible study.

6. i hate hate hate lima beans

5. i love catalogs. i love to circle stuff and mark pages then i end up throwing them away without ordering anything.

4. i don't like jolly ranchers

3. my ipod is full

2. i can 10 key at super speed. in fact i think that is my next job of choice

1. i only wear t-shirts and jeans. ever. really.

ok now i tag... martha, melba, drew, kim, swishy, manic mommy, and emmanuelle


Melek said...

She's right about the tshirts and jeans. i've seen her in a dress three times. once as a bride, once as my bridesmaid, and once for some event with my mom, but i only saw a photo of that, so who knows if it was real or not. But she looks good in jeans/t-s, so it's ok.

and i'm with you on the beans.

Drewpy Drew said...

There are three things that you can never do too much. Read the Bible, spend time with God, and let others know about God.

Good on you.

kay said...

well thank you drew. and that's why i do so many. because i know i can never get enough!

crystal said...

I love, love LOVE lima beans! Funny! I think you should reveal what's on your ipod.

And yes, I've been MIA for a few days. I'm depressed! Too blue to blog, if you can believe it. :(

p.s. amazing Bible-studier, you! You're amazing.