Sunday, November 18, 2007

100th post!!

i can't believe i have actually posted 100 times!! some were short and sweet. some were long and bitchy. but either way i did it!! now i can be finished right?

things i have learned from blogging.

10. your sister it going to be your best commenter.
9. sometimes people will visit and not say anything.
8. i will have to get over the fact that people may not say anything.
7. i have learned a lot about html's, templates, finding weird pictures on the internet, how to put said pictures on my blog, how to come up with code names for my family, and how to find lots of cool recipes.
6. how to correspond with really great people from all over the world!! and i never have to leave my house.
5. to reach into the corners of my mind for odd and unusual facts about myself for my 100 things.
4. you can become obsessed if you are not careful!
3. the more i blog the more blogs i will find of others to read.
2. that i am a really bad speller and that i am thankful for spell check

and the #1 thing i have learned from blogging is...

1. bloggers ROCK!!

thanks to my blogging pals for helping me reach my 100th post!


SuperCoolMom said...

Yeah Kay! Congratulations on hitting 100! Loved your top 10 list. It's been so fun getting to know you through your blog, and No, you can't stop now.

Crazymamaof6 said...

whoohoo! you gotta keep going lady 100 is just the beginning! you rock! and i love your comments! congrats on the big 100!

Melek said...

i heartily agree with #10. hahaha...laughed long and hard at that one.

Dancin Queen said...

...woo hoo! And it's free entertainment at that!

Congrats on 100. I'm such a talker, I hit 100 forever ago, and didn't even notice!

Betty said...

Congratulations, Kay, on completing your 100 blogs. Maybe now you will have time to answer my last email to you. Oh, I would blog more often but no one ever responds to my blogs. That gets discouraging. At least for me it does. I learned how to post a picture on my blog. That's progress for me, lol.

kim said...

grrrl, bitching posts? Where? If that's your bitching and whining, you are a way better person than me.

congrats on your 100th

Cecily R said...

WOO HOO for your 100th! Congrats Kay!

My sister is a lurker. She doesn't know how to comment (I should be careful about saying things like that...the last time I mocked my family for not commenting my dad learned how to comment). I'm glad your sis is a great commenter! Yay Melek!