Friday, November 16, 2007

i knew i'd get back to it one day!

#39. i love pens. i have tons and tons. and the stranger they are the more i like them. i used to work in a pharmacy and the reps would bring us awesome pens. one had an actually capsule in it. cool!

#38. i have attached ears. (you know - not dangly)

#37. my favorite football team has always been the Cincinnati Bengals. they have the best helmets.

#36. i have been to every state on the east coast.

#35. my favorite poem is by Robert Frost. Nature's First Green Is Gold. ponyboy quotes it in the Outsiders.

#34. my best friend in high school was a guy. his name was bill campbell. now he lives in seattle. (do you know him drew?)

#33. i never wear shoes in my house. or anyone else's for that matter. i don't wear them when i sing either! i love barefeet!

#32. i love it when people comment on my blog. it makes my day. so just do it!

#31. i sleep with 3 pillows. my DH sleeps with one. we look weird.

#30. i was voted most unique girl in high school. my friend bill was the guy. everyone knew us. we rocked!

#29. my hair has been every color except black. it's been red, green, orange, purple, white, pink, etc. i used to dye it with RIT dye. yeah i don't recommend that. not good for your hair.


Drewpy Drew said...

The Bengals? Whatever. Go Steelers!

We have a joke out here on the left coast. 'Oh, you work at Microsoft. Do you know Bob?'.

I was voted weirdest hair. I had a mohawk.

Melek said...

i was voted "most lame". sigh.

i vouch for kay on the hair colors...i remember when you accidentally dyed it purple and had to wear a scarf on your hair to work.

i have attached ears too...go figure.

crystal said...

I HAVE ATTACHED EARS, TOO!!!!!!!! I always say that i don't like much about my appearance, but i DO love my non-dangly, non-floppy earlobes!!!!!

How funny that we'd both notice something so random!

kim said...

..."Her hardest hue to hold."

When Johnny died I was so sad, my parents thought I was on drugs.

Love these.

Crazymamaof6 said...

us learning new things! i like to be barefoot too. love the hair colors i always wanted fuchsia. but dark hair doesn't color easily.

and love love your playlist. i looked for some of them but they didn't work, I'll just listen to yours!

Rob said...

Ah bare feet!

My father-in-law (I would say former but in the divorce I insisted on keeping my in-laws. Since they like me better than her anyway it has not been a problem! (Roowwwrrr, ffftt,fffft!) )

Anyway, he referred to me for years as the barefooted hillbilly.

On our first date she still lived at home. I was taking her swimming. I rode my motorcycle to pick her up. I was wearing swim trunks and sunglasses; that was it. Romantic huh?

Her Dad was like, what kind of (insert swear words here) hillbilly lunatic would ride a motorcycle BAREFOOT? I just shrugged and answered in my best deadpan voice from behind my mirrored shades, "One who knows how to ride."

Mna what a cocky little SOB I was! :o

I don't know why he took a liking to me but he did.