Friday, November 2, 2007

aw shucks!

last night the middle schoolers at big c's school had a field trip to the corn maze. in the dark! yikes. have i told you that i am kinda, sorta afraid of the dark? in the woods? with me being the responsible adult? right.

only about 19 kids showed up so we were kinda bummed about that but a fun time was still had by all. i got to hang out with the boys thinking that they would protect me if something happened. yeah like that was going to happen. they were going through the maze so fast i could hardly catch my breath. their main goal was to beat the girls. which they didn't by the way. i think the girls cheated.

this place is pretty cool because there are 2 mazes and to get from one to the other you have to walk thru the woods. that is where they have the haunted walk. thank goodness that was over or i would not have been able to do it. but while we were walking through the woods there was a shed of some sort and as we passed someone inside started beating on the walls. scared the pee out of me. turns out it was the owners little boys (about 3 and 4). they wanted to scare someone because they were not involved in the haunted walk. uh thanks for that.

but i did get them to all turn of their flashlights and look at the stars. that was so cool. we were way out in the country so you could see them really well.

once we got all the way through the maze the kids were just playing around on these really big bales of hay. one boy (who i don't know) kicked big c in the back. and boy was he mad. he yelled at him. then started crying. it really hurt poor thing.
then this same kid grabbed the ankles of another boy who was on a hay bale and jerked him off. and he was about 3 feet in the air. he hit his head and messed up his neck. why do kids have to be so mean to each other? what would you have done? since this was a school outing should i talk to the principal about it?

i took my camera but it decided it didn't want to work so i got no pix. sorry.


Melek said...

you think big C was mad?? i'm FUMING!! who would DARE to hurt my precious nephew?! yes, i think you should talk to the principal. not just bc it was big C but bc he hurt more than one kid. who knows what he does when no adults are around. this is the kind of kid who turns into a bully and the principal and his parents need to know about it. that little f*&^$*er....

glad you had fun otherwise. i would have been peeing in my pants right along side you at the shed incident. that's not funny.... hhah

Manic Mom said...

You're on board for Minute With Manic, thanks to one of Diva's friends picking you! Email me at!!!

Cecily R said...

I hate those mazes because I'm so claustrophobic (I'm sure I butchered that spelling but you know what I mean)and have zero sense of direction. Put it in the dark on top of that and I'm a stinkin basket case!

Woo Hoo on your Manic Minute!

Melek said...

aw man!! how come kay gets to be the manic minute before i do?? :( Waaah!

hahaha...can't wait to read all about my sis! ask her embarrassing questions!

Dancin Queen said...

I think those mazes are scary too. And the ones here become "haunted" after 7:00 and all of the scary workers run around scaring you. We took our kids last year during the day, and it was pretty fun.

Why are kids so mean? I would probably mention it to the principal. Then it's out of your hands.

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow that mean kid was a turd! i would totally narc on him! way to be brave and do the maze in the dark! very cool you guys too the time to look at the stars too! yay! sounds like a great time was had by all except the kids that got hurt by that litte a$$!