Friday, November 9, 2007


my friend angela and i always give each other cookbooks for Christmas. we have grateful dead ones, wizard of oz, and every rachel ray cookbook there is. i'm looking for something unusual. any ideas? i thought maybe i would just go to amazon and look but there are 63,724 results and really i just don't have time to look at them all. so i'm hoping one of my blogger friends can help me out. even though i would love a light or healthy cookbook, she is not into that. can you help a sista out?!


Melek said...

is she a big reader like you are? if so, this looks really interesting:

kay said...

nope not a reader but thanks!

hotmamabeads said...

I got a really cute one last year (thinking I'd give it to Ariel) Tina Davis, Look and Cook. Retro cookbook for kids. I couldn't part with it. But I let her borrow it, sometimes.

I love to pick up old cookbooks at Thrift and Antique Stores. Anything that looks like my Grandma would have owned it, beat up or not. The American Woman's cookbook Ruth Berolzheimer 1962, Fannie Farmer The Original Boston Cooking school cookbook copyright 1896, The Modern Family Cookbook by Meta Given 1942. I've also picked up some fun ones at the Friends of the Library book sale. How about something specialized like Pizza Making, Oh Truffles, or Practical Candymaking - very practical. My recent favorite is Once A Month Cooking by Mimi Wilson & Mary Beth Lagerborg (cool concept - only cook 12 times a year, can't beat that! Plus, every recipe I've tried is great.) I also love my Make A Mix cookbook by Eliason, Harward, & Westover.

Sorry, can you tell I like cookbooks? I love to read them in the tub.

crystal said...

A Grateful Dead cookbook? Seriously? What kind of brownies are in that cookbook?!?

Just saying.

crystal said...

I really like the Lion House Christmas cookbook. Also love the Lion House Desserts. (Lion House is a local restaurant here) These both have awesome recipes. Is it a real gift or more of a gag gift? Are you looking for outlandish books or for-real ones? What kind of a cook is she?

kim said...

crystal, you are funny with the brownies.

I know you said rachel rae, but she has a new one out.

I like hotmama's idea of an old book.

Or how bout fanny farmer cook book? that's good old fashioned eats in there (lard and all). It's all comfort food like that one southern cook on the food network (can't think of her name, but she's really funny and not afraid of sugar).

kay said...

i don't know if she has fanny farmer. she lives in new hampshire so i don't get to check out her cookbook library often. she loves to cook but doesn't get to do it much b/c of her work schedule.

i will look into all of those ideas ladies!! thanks for your help! angela will be happy i'm sure! :)

JODI said...

How 'bout Jessica Seinfeld's new cook book "Deceptively Delicious"