Wednesday, November 28, 2007

holiday questionnaire

20 holiday questions from crazy mama
what is your...
1. Favorite winter beverage? egg nog!! or mulled wine...
2. Fave Christmas candy? chocolate covered cherries
3. Fave candy cane flavor? peppermint color? red and white
4. Favorite Christmas cookie? wedding cookies or ambrosia!!
5. Favorite Christmas song? Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt to sing? THE GRINCH! to listen to? see my playlist!! THOSE ARE ALL MY FAVS!
6. Fave Christmas movie? A Christmas Story
7. Fave Christmas story? The Tale of Three Trees
8. Fave Christmas colors? red and green
9. actual color scheme for your decor? HA HA THAT’S FUNNY!! I have never had a color scheme for anything except my wedding and only then because my mom insisted!
10. Fave Christmas tradition? as a kid? Sneaking open the wrapped presents with my sister. Decorating the tree. with your own family? Driving around looking at Christmas lights, baking cookies and putting cookies out Christmas eve for Santa.
11. Tree topper? star? Angel? other? do tell! we have a tacky light up star that my mom bought us. it's way too heavy for the tree and my husband is always trying ways to rig it to stay up.
12. Christmas lights display?your house? to drive by? small bulbs? large bulbs? white? multi colored? simple? Griswald? I LOVE lots of lights. But since my hubby is a humbug we never have them on our house. I do like to put them on the hand rails on the front porch but I can never convince him to get up and do a Griswald. I like big, small, tacky, with lots of stand up stuff in the yard. The more the merrier I say!
13. Fave holiday icon collection?? Santa? nativity? snowmen? I like snowglobes and penguins and monkey loves nutcrackers
14. Christmas card? picture? letter? I don’t have time for a letter but it would be nice. I love getting holiday letter from people that make them rhyme!! That’s RAD! We do picture cards. So the family can see the cute kids. and I let the boys decide what they want to do for the picture. Wait till you see this years!!
15. what is more fun for you White Elephant? or Draw secret Santa names? I like secret Santa. But we buy a gift and make it a toy that reminds you of that person then give it to toys for tots.
16. Holiday budget? extravagant or low budget? what do you wish it was? Always low budget but I wish one year we never had to worry about money and could get whatever we wanted for everyone!! and i love to give to charities and i want to be able to give more but never can. This year hubby and I are not exchanging gifts because we are soooo broke!!
17. Tree? real or fake? prelit ? Green or flocked? I prefer a real one but we have a fake.
18. best gifts are? homemade? or store bought? Either. As long as they are given with love and not re-gifted like my sister-in-law does.
19. which is better in your opinion? surprises galore? or being sneaky and peeking? I used to be a peeker but now I like to be surprised.
20. do you do thank you cards for Christmas gifts? I do the cards but rarely do they make it to the mail box. Stamps are so expensive! Hopefully this year I can do that part right!


Melek said...

love the survey! and i dont know what you're talking about that we used to sneak and peek at our presents! GASP! the horror! hahaha... ok, maybe we did it once or twice....A DAY!

i'll copy and post on my blog :)

Crazymamaof6 said...

super love it! love that you were a peeker too! fabulous! love learning about your holiday fun!

Melissa said...

Ack! I have to gte this up on my blog before the holiday actually passes me by!!

Love your answers!!