Friday, November 30, 2007

wouldn't it be funny if i forgot to blog today? as today is the last, yes the final day of nablopomo, i think it would be just my luck for me to forget. but of course i didn't. so here is my last post for november. it has been stressful to remember to blog everyday but i also think it has shown me that i can anything if i put my mind to it. and that i am capable of stringing words together that others may enjoy reading. (or not!)

some randomness...

last night big c asked me what he should do if the girl he is interested in told him they would not make a good couple. i was heartbroken. he never asked her to "go" with him but i know he wanted to. now he is confused. i told him to just continue to be himself and be her friend. i asked him if she liked someone else. he looked at me and said "who else is there?" ah the confidence!!

we got audited yesterday for my DH business insurance. because he is self employed he has to have coverage for any employees he may have. we pay $850 a year for him to have it. but he doesn't have any employees. so i was not sure what she was going to audit us on. anyway she came yesterday. and after about 5 minutes of looking at tax returns and bank statements she told me we were going to get a percentage back. i was so happy. then she told me it was going to be $559.00!!! i about came out of my skin. i was crying and praising the Lord and yelling and laughing. and i know she thought i was a nut but when you live paycheck to paycheck like we do, that is huge!! and it will be here in 2 weeks in time for Christmas!!! you just don't know how thrilled i am. i got on the phone and called everyone i knew. (because i'm like that! i like to share stuff!) i would have called all my blogger friends but i don't have your number!!

i found out today that monkey's pre-school teacher is leaving in 2 weeks. her husband is in landscaping and because of the drought her in NC he has no work. so she has to go get a full time job. i was so sad. monkey just loves her. i'm sure the new teacher will be fine but change in the middle of the year just stinks when you are 4 years old. (or 38 like me!)

we are going to put up our tree tomorrow. this will be the earliest we have ever put it up and we have been married almost 17 years. it's really because of big c. he is determined to get it up. he even said he would put the lights on. which my DH hates to do. wish me luck!! hopefully i'll have pictures to post next week.

that's all folks. thanks for putting up with my daily postings. hope they have brought you a small measure of joy at some point or another!!


Betty said...

I'm happy for you, Kay, that you are getting some money back after being audited. Merry Christmas!!

I can't wait to see a picture of your Christmas tree.

Now that you are at the end of your daily blogging for November, please don't stay away. I look forward every day to reading your blog.

Melissa said...

Yea, on the return. I'm sure at this time of year it is easy to know what to do with the extra money.
Bummer on the kinda girlfriend. I feel for your son already, though I have to say he does sound pretty confident.
Here's hoping that the monkey's new teacher is as good or better as the teacher that is leaving.
Enjoy putting the tree up and I can't wait to see a picture of it.

Melek said...

congrats on not forgetting your last post! :)

crystal said...

I've been lovin' the daily posts! Keep them coming! I'm a daily reader!

MJ said...

Kay... I just returned from vacation... sorry it took long to reply.... Pineapple preserves can be found in the jelly aisle of your supermarket. Smucker's makes one brand and it is in a smaller jar ( similar to marmalade).

This was regarding "Crockpot Chicken Pineapple Oriental"

I hope that helps.


crystal said...

I'm loving your feedback on my recipe blog! Thanks. Keep posting, super-blogger! I love reading your everyday life; that's what makes a good friend...being involved in life w/ each other, day in & day out :)