Thursday, November 8, 2007


did i mention that i am part of NaBloPoMo? the object is to post something every day for a month. and so far so good. but today i'm going to be posting stuff that i didn't actually write. just "borrowed"! (see i am invisible)

this month in school big c is working on poetry. you remember...haiku, limericks, acrostics etc. last night was a shape poem. you write a poem and it has to fit into a shape. he did one on his guitar. and i wanted to share it, cause it's great!! anyway imagine it's in the shape of a guitar.

a long time ago when i had just started playing my guitar everyone i met said i could go really really far. i didn't believe them i said they were crazy, i said they were off the hook. but one day a talent scout saw me and wrote my name down in his book. got a call a couple weeks later, asking if i could play, and go on tour with these people who had quite a lot to say. now these people mind you were quite famous, they tour all over the world. i owe it all to my guitar, the one that i call pearl.

cute huh?

and here is another and i won't share anymore after that! :)

The fog is clouding out in the field
Our flashlights can not break through
We’re trying to get to the haunted house
But no one knows what to do

We searched and searched out in the field
But we couldn’t find anything there
There was no large house out in the big field
The fog gave us quite a scare

As we tried to find our way home that night
Us kids got lost in the field
It took our parents forever to find us
For they had no flashlights to wield

Once we got back to our houses
Our parents had found us you see
For the moonlight has shone oh so brightly
That foggy night of Halloween.

and off the subject... do you think i need to change the link color? i just don't think the red looks good. any ideas?


Melek said...

i like the orange on green, but the red link hurts my eyes.

Big C is very talented. maybe he'll get published before i do! :)

Drewpy Drew said...

Nice axe.

How many guitars does a person need?

Always one more.

crystal said...

This is cute! Big C is a star.

I'm totally on board for a blogger book club! How fun! We'd have SO MUCH to say whilst discussing Jamie....rawrrr...

hotmamabeads said...

Great poems! the link kindof matches that orange stripe on your header, but maybe yellow would work on the green.

book club? book club? what book club? I hope I'm invited!

kay said...

crystal and i are going to start a blog book club. we found out we were both reading the same book (world without end) and she thought a book club would be fun. then she saw i was reading outlander. and boy that would make for some discussion!!

everyone is invited!!