Wednesday, November 21, 2007

i cut my hair

as you can see by my new meez, i got my hair cut last week. i have not posted or put up an pictures because my durn camera is broken! it's making my sister nuts to not be able to see it. so wish me luck on black friday cause i'm headed out for a new camera. (among other things!)

my hair has been soo long for soo long it was just time to cut it all off. and boy is it short. and i dyed it red. so it's a really big change for me. i cried. but i figure someone else will enjoy it more than i will and it's just hair right? it will grow back. (i gave it to Locks of Love)

and to tell you the truth i was getting very vain about it. everywhere i went people would stop me and tell me how beautiful my hair was. and some people were really weird about it. but i loved the attention. and i started thinking about how sinful that was. (pride and all that!) so it was time to cut that sin out of my life!! but now everyone is commenting on how much they like the new cut. hopefully that will be over soon!! i want me to shine thru not my hair. (even tho it is very nice! :))


Crazymamaof6 said...

way way cute! can't wait to see a real picture! and how generous of you to give it to someone less fortunate than you! yay! Hope your thanksgiving is fabulous! and your black Friday shopping is successful! can't wait to hear what you get!

Betty said...

Kay, I envy you and your great hair. I wish I just had a third of your hair. What does your hubby think about it? I'll bet he likes it better long as most men do, but he'll get use to it, right? Right!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Betty said...

I meant to tell you that Best Buy has a really nice camera for $99.00 beginning black Friday, of course. I believe it's a Kodak.

Dancin Queen said...

What a generous thing to donate your hair.

When we got married I had really long hair that I could tuck in my pants. About 1 year after getting married, I decided I'd had long hair my entire life and I was ready for a change. The lady fastened it with elastics, made one long braid, and cut it off.

I knew my mom would freak when she found out because she's really into long hair, so I just mailed her my long braid to let her know (we were living away at college).

As a sidenote: My dad is in politics, and they get some really weird things in the mail sometimes, they've had the bomb squad over at their house before to check out weird packages.

I hadn't put a return address on it because I wanted to surprise her, and when she opened it up, it came sliding out of the envelope and she threw it across the room because she thought it was a snake or something I guess. She wasn't all that amused.

Anyway, my husband is way more into short hair than long hair, so ended up working out great for us.

Hope you enjoy your new hairdo.

Thanks for your comments on my blog!

Melek said...

do you remember when ms. shull braided up her hair and then cut it all off and we found it in a dresser drawer? that was creepy.

kay said...

wendi that is hysterical!!!

your poor mom...